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Missouri Food Protection Manager

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State County
Missouri All counties (todos los condados)
Certificate validity 5 years (5 años)
Mandatory? Yes
Passing score 70%

Proctoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ”s)

What’s Included in this Missouri Food Manager Certification Package?

Complete The Training Around Your Lifestyle

Training can be completed on any device.
Our practice exams will allow you to test your knowledge and will prepare you for the final exam.
The exam will highlight areas of improvement, so you can go back to the training if needed and look over the content again.

Remotely Proctored Exam – 2 exam attempts available (Only Company to Offer this!)

80 Question ANSI Accredited Exam that can be taken in your home, or office.
You will instantly receive your score, and whether you passed or failed. Retakes can be scheduled instantly if you were to fail at your first attempt.
If you fail your first exam attempt you will get a second attempt free of charge.

Accredited Certificate – Valid for 5 Years

Once you pass your exam you will receive a Food Manager Certificate which will prove to your manager or local health inspector that you have the mandatory certification required.

This Manager Certification is Nationally Accredited at the Same Level as ServSafe.

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Food Manager USA and our associates are dedicated to delivering Missouri Food Safety Manager Certification training excellence to all food industry members throughout the United States for twelve years. Training includes Food Manager Training, Food Handler Training, and Allergen Awareness training. We take pride in offering the Always Food Safe Manager Certification Online Course which is a nationally recognized program. We explain the importance of food safety, the individual processes that make up a food manager safety program, and essential considerations and best practices.

Are you an aspiring restaurant owner looking to make your mark on the culinary culture of Missouri? Or are you someone who loves experimenting with new flavors and now wants to work in the kitchen of one of Missouri’s finest eateries? No matter who you are, if you’re planning on handling food in a business environment, then you may need a Food Protection Manager Certification. Thankfully, Food Manager USA makes the certification process easy! Read on to learn more about becoming a certified food manager in Missouri.


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What Is a Food Manager?

A Food Manager, sometimes referred to as a Food Protection Manager or a Food Safety Manager, is one of the most important individuals you can have in your kitchen or food processing facility. Any person who has achieved this title is qualified to make sure your sanitation, cooking, and serving processes are up to government standards. This helps ensure the safety of your customers and prevents demerits from health inspectors.


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Is Food Manager Certification Required in Missouri?

Chances are high that if you’re operating or working in an establishment that handles food in Missouri, you need to have at least one person there who has Missouri Food Manager Certification. Fortunately, our ANSI-approved program is the best way to get certified in Missouri, so you can easily make sure your food business is compliant with the law. Register here!



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What’s Included in This Package?

When you sign up for Food Manager USA’s Missouri Food Manager Certification course, you can anticipate a convenient and trusted program that is nationally accredited at the same level as ServSafe. You can complete the training remotely on any device, plus you’ll get two attempts on the final exam! Once you pass, your certification will be valid for five years.



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How To Get Started

Getting started with proper food safety practices has never been easier. Simply register online and enjoy a comprehensive training program centered around your busy lifestyle! If you have any questions, please contact us or check out our FAQs.



If you’re interested in acquiring Missouri Food Manager Certification, Food Manager USA is the most convenient and reliable way to do it. Register for our course today and get cooking!

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