Food Manager Certification

Earn Your Food Manager Certification Online

Prepare and test at times convenient for you from home or office.


Nationally Accredited Certification for Food Managers – This Food Manager Certification is Nationally Accredited at the Same Level as ServSafe

Ansi-certified   –   Valid nationwide

Available in English and Spanish

Regulations differ by state – Selecting your state from the drop down box above will break down exact regulations for your state.

Advantages of the Always Food Safe Manager Program

2 Exam Attempts Available
We are the only company to offer two exam attempts for the price of 1.
Complete the Training Around Your Lifestyle.
Complete the video-based course at your convenience whereever, and whenever you have time
Remotely Proctored Exam
There is no need to take your exam in a classroom. By using our virtual proctors, you can schedule your food manager certification exam for any time of day or night 24/7.
Certificate Valid for 5 Years.
Once you complete and pass your exam you will receive a certificate that will be valid for 5 years.
Passing Score: – 70%
An Economical Alternative to ServSafe Certification

This certified food protection manager course was developed by Always Food Safe for foodservice and hospitality personnel. The Always Food Safe brand allows you to offer the highest standard training to your team. It also keeps customers safe with advanced food safety knowledge and complies with the Demonstration of Knowledge (DOK) and Person in Charge (PIC) requirements within your State Food Code.

Always Food Safe brings together current best practices in advanced food safety, as well as current best practices for instruction to meet our industry’s changing needs. Students stay engaged in current state health code regulations and learn how to demonstrate knowledge of foodborne disease prevention, application of HACCP principles, and the requirements of your local regulatory authority.

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