Exam Procedures

Before Exam Day:

1. Test Your Equipment:

Download the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser; install the most updated version of the ProctorU extension (Chrome or Firefox.)
Utilize ProctorU’s free equipment testing service. On your ProctorU account’s homepage, click “Test Your Equipment” at the top.
If any components receive an X instead of a check, use the chatbox in the bottom right to speak to a representative. o Please test with the computer you plan to use and in a similar environment that you will be testing in (time of day, location, bandwidth usage).On Exam Day:

w. Schedule Your Exam :

You may schedule your exam for any time of day or night 24/7. Log into ProctorU and

Exam Day:

2. Prepare Your Workspace:  
Be in a private location (nobody else in the room).
Test on a hard surface, as testing from a bed/couch, is not preferred.
Clean desk area of any non-permitted materials like:
Desk mats
Electronic devices
Reach out to your instructor if you do not know what materials are allowed for your exam.
Remove headphones, non-religious headwear, and smartwatches.

2. Prepare Your Computer:
Save and close all applications except for your browser prior to connecting, including:
Additional browser sessions
Microsoft applications
Chat programs

4. After Connecting to ProctorU:
The proctor will guide you step-by-step in the start-up process, which includes verifying your identity and securing your testing location.
The proctor will enter the password for you to begin the exam. (Your exam time does NOT begin until you’re entered into the test by the proctor).

Note: Please be aware that if you log in 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, your session will no longer show up in your account.

If you need any assistance, please connect with a ProctorU Live Chat Representative by logging into your ProctorU account here. From there, click the chat box in the lower right corner labeled “Need Help? Chat Now!” You may also call us at +1 (855) 772-8678. Additional information regarding your session can be found by navigating to your ProctorU account.

Thank you for using ProctorU and good luck on your exam!


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