Virginia Allergen Awareness Certification

Gain vital food safety skills with Virginia Allergen Awareness Certification.


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State County
Virginia State Accepted (todos los condados)
Certificate validity 3 years (3 años)
Mandatory? No
Passing score 75%

What’s Included in this Package?

100% Online, Video Training (Available in English or Spanish)

Training takes 1 hours to complete. We are the only company to offer video-training.

Online Exam – 2 Attempts Available (Available in English or Spanish )

30 Question ANSI Accredited Exam that can be taken 100% online, with no need for a proctor .

ANSI Accredited Certificate

Once you pass your exam you will receive an ANSI Approved Allergen Awareness Certificate.

The Importance of Allergen Awareness

Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room.

These sorts of statistics highlight how important it is that people working within the foodservice industry are trained in Allergen Awareness. Every establishment should be able to deal with an allergy sufferer from the moment they walk into the restaurant until they leave the premise.

This course satisfies the requirements in the state of Virginia in relation to Allergen Awareness, the training is definitely recommended to anyone working with food on a regular basis.

Always Food Safe’s ANSI accredited training is perfect for anyone working within this industry. The training will provide the essentials of food allergies and then explain how to utilize policies and procedures to make sure all customers can eat safely in your foodservice establishment.

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Enhancing Health and Safety with Virginia Allergen Awareness Certification

The Virginia Allergen Awareness Certification is a comprehensive training and certification program that equips food service professionals with the knowledge and skills to safely handle allergenic ingredients, reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and cater to customers with allergies effectively. This initiative helps to ensure that individuals with food allergies can dine out with confidence, knowing that their dietary needs will be met with the utmost care.

The Food Allergen Certification training program covers a wide range of topics, including the identification of common allergens, proper labeling and handling of allergenic ingredients, best practices for preventing cross-contact, and effective communication with customers about allergen-related concerns. It also teaches food establishments how to create allergen-aware menus, so patrons can easily identify safe options.

Obtaining the Virginia Allergen Awareness Certification is a valuable investment for both restaurant owners and staff. It not only helps in maintaining a positive reputation by providing a safe dining experience but also protects against potential legal liabilities related to food allergies. In addition, certified establishments are more likely to attract and retain customers who have food allergies, thereby expanding their clientele.

In a state with a thriving food industry like Virginia, the Food Allergen Awareness Certificate ensures that businesses uphold the highest standards of allergen safety. By promoting allergen awareness, Virginia is not only safeguarding public health but also nurturing a food culture that is inclusive and accommodating for all. This certification is a step towards making Virginia a more allergy-friendly state and setting an example for the rest of the nation to follow in the pursuit of a safer and more inclusive dining experience.

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