Cooking Basics

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Price: 99.00

Approximate Time: 9 hours

Compatible: Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

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Course Description


Cooking Basics offers a substantial culinary course of study for all those needing a foundation in cooking instruction. Because the training is self-paced, it builds a knowledgeable foundation that saves valuable time in training to professional standards. This wealth of core cooking information is available on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Cooking Basics’ nineteen lessons cover a wide range of instruction, including kitchen equipment and tools, portion control procedures, basic cuts of meat, dry and moist heat cooking methods, slicing, dicing, chopping, plate presentation, seasoning, poultry, seafood, development of consistent recipes, waste management, workplace safety and more. This program utilizes customized, professionally staged videos that allow students to view and interact with professional chefs demonstrating crucial techniques from safely handling a carving knife, to preparing a roux, to stuffing a turkey.

Students will witness procedures being correctly performed. Cooking Basics is the bases of a successful operation.

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